Training Log – 4. The Final Week Off (1 week to go)

For some reason I always run that little bit harder when I am a bit pissed off. For some reason it spurs me on, as if I am using that frustration for an extra push. With a week to go until the Great Yorkshire Run I needed some extra motivation for overtraining and I got it with a week that gradually descended into a puddle of mediocrity.

After a wasted Friday evening I got an early night and snuck in a 2.5km lap before the 5km Park Run. Even during the run itself I was given an extra incentive when a pumped up runner ran alongside me and shouted “STRAGGLERS. MOVE TO THE LEFT.” I doubt she was referring to me but the words reverberated in my ears so a sprint finish meant I passed her and her mates.

What does bode well is the fact that I could still manage a sprint finish despite that prior lap. After catching my breath in the queue to register my time I did my final 2.5km lap at a stragglers pace, thankfully she had already gone home. With 10km done that will be my final bout of training as you are supposed to give yourself a week off to recuperate.

There is little more I can do at this stage and I feel as if I am in a good place. I feel physically strong and confident that I can cover the distance and beat my previous time. I have overtrained, resistance trained and sprint trained. All there is left to do is gain some sponsors, avoid spraining my ankle, grab a few early nights, eat enough pasta and continue stretches every morning. Bring it.


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