Training Log – 3. Back to Park Run (3 weeks to go)

It is something I have done on pretty much every Park Run. On the last lap I choose a target then on the final few hundred yards I aim to overtake them at a sprint finish. I am proud to say that I usually win though this morning I had nothing left and the two lads I hoped to overtake sprinted past me. I felt weak, demoralised and angry.

This was my first Park Run since the weekend before Leeds Festival and even just a couple of weekends away left me feeling rusty. What did not help was the weather. This morning it pissed it down in Sheffield and anyone that went for a Saturday morning run deserves a bacon sarnie. Conditions were appalling, my t-shirt was sodden and I felt that my shorts were making an escape. Waiting to register my barcode I glared across at the two lads who had beaten me; they looked young, student-young. Soon enough they took their shirts off (boys of that age tend to do that in public whenever possible) and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on them. A grin broke out across my face. I wasn’t looking on enviously but rather, if I can push these lads to a sprint finish then I must be doing something right.

Turns out I was. With three weeks to go until The Great Yorkshire Run I feel good and with an official time of 25:50 I have pretty much hit my PB. There may be a few reasons for this. My core has improved, largely down to daily stomach exercises. My recovery rate has also improved and, as promised by a boxing coach, I have arrived at the point where I can recover within hours, not days. I have also introduced infused water drinks involving mint leaves, green tea, cucumber slices and wedges of grapefruit, lime and orange to reduce my appetite and keep my vitamin intake relatively high.

At some point I will look at what food I should be eating for the next few weeks and try to keep my training up to 20km per week which will be two x 7.5km runs before work then Park Run. Only, I’m finding running really boring at the moment so may look to spice it up a bit by doing a midweek boxing class. I’ve already had an offer of a running buddy for the race (a rather famous local Dad as it happens) and may even sign up for a run around Christmas to give me something else to aim for. Let’s not get carried away but it’s looking good for September 28th.


I’m running for Sheffield Hospitals (who need all the money they can get) so if you do want to sponsor me then the link is – http://www.justgiving.com/OmarSoliman1


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