Training log – 2. Rest week (7 weeks to go)

On Saturday I reached a milestone, I broke the 26 minute mark on my ParkRun. That may not sound like much to most but to me it is a significant achievement. A few weeks ago I hit 26:06 and was exceedingly happy with myself yet getting an official recorded time of 25:57 (I set off my stopwatch when I actually begin jogging) shows that while training is going well I may have already hit peak form way too early.

ParkRun PB

ParkRun PB

I have spoken to a few runners and it seems wise to lay off for a week or so and recharge the batteries. All I have planned is a couple of 5k runs going at a leisurely pace, even if that means letting other runners past me then pick it up next week. This past month at least I have been averaging over 20k every week and last week it seemed to weigh me down. My times were still fine but the legs were heavy and each run was a hard slog.

On Saturday I gave it everything and there is great satisfaction in having pairs of running partners go past me only to pass them on the finishing strait. During those final few yards I heard one woman grunt as if exerting herself to pass me, I accelerated again and she gave up. My own pace may have been dictated by trying to catch up to a friend of a friend but even so, I have earned this rest.

UPDATE –  This morning I completed my first leisurely job which may have been one of the more tedious experiences of my life. Seriously, I found it pretty pointless and a bit embarassing.


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