Difficult Decisions – Lent

Ok. Confession time. I’m not a religious person. Despite attending a Roman Catholic school my religious beliefs are neither here nor there. For that reason alone primary school was a little weird and more alienating than it should have been. For all my pals celebrating getting confirmed, getting blessed during mass or even having the honour of becoming an altar boy I stood by and watched. I didn’t really mind, the experience as an outsider let me look in from a position of n0n-commitment and I never really understood the ceremonies.

To that extent the only occasions I have ever been barely considered religious are the holidays. When I was growing up there was never a furore over celebrating Christian holidays, no-one refused to attend the nativity play, no-one clamoured to rename the occasion and everyone made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. It’s just tradition.

There was often noises about giving up something for Lent yet I’ve never really bought into it. The prospect of resisting chocolate or biscuits or wine never appealed to me. Sure, I could see the point of setting yourself a challenge but giving up treats seemed absurd. Something has changed and this year I have taken the very difficult decision of giving up cake for Lent. That’s right, CAKE.

Anyone that knows me should realise that this is going to be very, very hard. Part of the joy of travelling was sampling the local pastry delicacies and I adore baking. Lord knows how I’m going to make it to the end. During grocery shopping yesterday afternoon my sister decided to pick up my own Kryptonite, a pack of Jaffa Cakes. Even typing those two delicious words out makes me want to run downstairs and gorge down the pack. Still, I must stay strong.

So for anyone having a birthday, wedding or any other celebration that necessitates cake bear in mind that you will be driving me nuts should I have to stand there and resist taking a piece. We all have to take difficult decisions in our lives, this one may be just a challenge too far.


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